Maximizing businesses and personal brand potentials using proven digital marketing strategies.
“When you become fearless, life becomes limitless.”

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About Me

Who Is Zack Barrotta?

Owner & Founder of Limitless Media Group

Zack Barrotta is a lifelong entrepreneur who has generated over 7 figures in sales and helped scale multiple 6 and 7 figure businesses through proven digital marketing strategies. 

Zack is looking to increase his value to become a coaching figure leading more people in the direction that maximizes their potential to get more out of their business and their life.

How I Can Help You?

Let's find out how you can maximize your potential using proven digital strategies.

The Problem?

Most people don't know where to start or how to optimize their business online.

Why Limitless Media?

For over four years, my team and I have been tackling media buying for clients all around the country. 

We turn people who are a nobody, into a full authority in their niche. Transforming their online branding, paid ad strategy, and web presence.

With the help of professionally written press releases, we establish lifelong credibility and trust. You can be found in Yahoo Finance, CNBC, Fox, and more. 

This ensures you're in a position to crush your competition.

Our Services

Facebook Ads

Generate Leads on Demand Using Our Certified Media Buyers.

Press Release

Built Credibility & Trust Using The Largest Media Networks.


Get More Eyes On Your Website Optimizing For Google Searches.

Google PPC Ads

Drive Paid Clicks Searching For A Specific Keyword.


Sell Your Product or Service Online.


Training you and your team on implementing proven strategies that generate sales guaranteed.

Take Out The Guess Work

  • More Closed Deals: Sales training provided proven to convert cold & warm traffic.
  • Full Pipeline: Keeping your calendar full at all times so 1 loss doesn't impact you AT ALL. 
  • Brand Awareness: Increasing your exposure becoming the authority and go-to for your services
  • More Followers: Improve and increase your social media presence so people Know Like & Trust You.
  • More Likes On Content: "Boosting" a post and burning money. Do it correctly so you stay in front of your audience and increase your engagement.
  • Local Authority: People need to Know, Like & Trust You before ever doing business with you. Become your local celebrity.
  • Massive Alignment: Know your audience so well it's like you're in their brain. You're so aligned with they are and where they want to go, choosing you is not a choice... it's a no-brainer.
  • Crush Competition: Completely destroy any competition automatically without actually having to work harder. Focus on being the most valuable person to your audience and you'll win every time. 

Contact Me

I'll Be Happy To Help

My team and I are ready to tackle your project in a timely fashion.

Use the contract form to get in contact with my team. We will contact you & make sure we're a good fit to work together.

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